Selling Your House to an Investor

As an Oahu homeowner, you have many choices once you’ve decided to sell your house. In fact, you may have more choices than you’re aware of. But here’s where home sellers get a little tripped up: they tend to only focus on HOW to sell their home. While that’s important, you can’t forget the other important question: Who will be the person buying it?

Ways to Sell Your House

Let’s take a step back and focus on the first question: how to sell your home. Of course, the most obvious answer for most people is to list their home with a licensed real estate agent. For the majority of home sellers, this option may make the most sense. As long as you don’t have any issues such as foreclosure or a relocation where you need the money ASAP, putting your home on the market for 3-12 months may work out best in the end.

However, we all know that not everyone falls into that category. Some people, because of the aforementioned foreclosure, probate, divorce, expensive repairs or other scenarios, do need to sell their home ASAP and don’t have time to play around on the MLS with open house after open house. For these types of home sellers, we’re proud to flex our muscles and go to work to buy your house directly from you. As investors, it’s what we do.

And that’s one of the big advantages of selling your house to an investor: speed of getting the sale done without the red tape and hassle. The other advantages include:

  • Not paying any commissions
  • Not having to make any repairs
  • Keeping the sale private – no open houses

Another option is the FSBO – For Sale By Owner. This is where you have to do all the heavy lifting, from marketing through negotiation and coordinating the transaction with the title company. It’s no small matter and most people aren’t equipped to see it all the way through.

Who’s Your Buyer?

Remember in the beginning of this post where I mentioned that second question? Think about who is most likely to buy your house (or condo). Is it a growing family? Retired empty nesters? Newlyweds? Resident or landlord? Investor?

Keep this in mind when deciding what benefits are most important to you when selling your home. Is it the guaranteed sale? Selling quickly? Not having to make any repairs? This is where selling your house to an investor can have tremendous benefits. Trying to sell to a homeowner who needs to get a loan, however, presents a big thorn in the side of that. Only you can decide what option best suits your needs.

Contact us anytime to discuss your property, and we’ll see if we’re the right fit for your needs.

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