Moving to Another State? Sell Your House Fast

Are you moving to another state? Leaving Hawaii behind? If so, you may need to sell your house fast and easy as part of the big relocation.

As you likely know, moving to another state from Hawaii is a bit of a harder task than moving between states on the mainland. Instead of just packing up the car or renting a truck, leaving Hawaii behind usually means massive shipping costs, getting on a plane and then hoping that everything arrives in time — and in one piece.

While you’re preparing for your new life in your new home, though, you’ll still have your current Hawaii home to take care of. What will you do? List it, wait for a buyer to show up before paying agent fees and then hoping the buyer gets their loan? Keep it and be a landlord from across the ocean?

Or would you prefer to sell your house fast and easy, for cash, and put it all behind you? Start fresh with cash in hand and none of the headaches?

Sell Your House Fast and Easy if Moving to Another State

Let’s face it – moving from Hawaii to the mainland can be stressful enough, without having to worry about what you’ll do with your property. If you’re moving, you need less stress, not more.

What if you could sell your house fast and easy for cash, with an actual closing date circled on the calendar that you choose yourself? How much weight would that take off your shoulders?

We’ve bought homes from people here on Oahu who were in the process of moving to the mainland. We’ve even let them leave their belongs behind that they chose not to take with them. In fact, just a couple months ago we purchased a large upper-floor condo in Nauru Tower in Honolulu from a nice lady who was moving to Kauai. We let her leave all the furniture behind that she wanted to reduce her stress and facilitate the sale. Same thing with the nice guy in Salt Lake who sold us his condo before moving to Colorado.

It’s our job to make life easy for you.

You tell us your preferred closing date and we can make it happen. We can also work with you on any belongings or furniture you need to leave behind.

And, most importantly, we can help you put cash in your pocket and start your new chapter of life.

Let us know if you’d like a cash offer for your house. Or just call us at 808-377-4379.

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