How to Enhance Curb Appeal

It can be frustrating when trying to sell your home and after several months there is still no interest from serious buyers. Maybe it’s time to reassess and clean your curb appeal! Even in a strong real estate market like Hawaii, an inviting exterior can make or potentially break buyers’ interest.

Your home’s curb appeal is the first chance to impress potential buyers. Whether buyers are wowed by a beautiful and well-maintained yard or are repelled by dirty exterior walls and an overgrown lawn can significantly impact your home’s selling price or whether you even get any offers at all. The curb appeal of your home should serve as an indication of what’s awaiting on the inside, so be sure to follow up on that promise as well! Buyers want to picture themselves living in and coming home to a beautiful property. Make sure that your home is prepared both inside and out before you put it in the market to help it sell quickly!

How to Enhance Curb Appeal

Here are few steps to impress potential buyers with the curb appeal.

  • Keep it Clean

At the very least, keep the outside of your house clean. Get rid of any trash or junk, clean the boxes out of the carport, move the garbage cans away from the front, and wash your windows and sidewalk. You may even want to power wash your home and driveway. You can also clean out the gutters which can get rusty or damaged from the weather. If a simple cleaning won’t do, consider replacing them. Hint: update your mailbox as well if needed.

  • Paint the front door

After you’ve cleaned your home exterior, apply a fresh coat of paint to your front door (if not the whole house, budget allowing). A new paint job can transform your front door and entice buyers to walk inside with anticipation. Once inside, they can see all of your home’s wonderful features. Hint: go for a contrasting color to really make the door ‘pop’.

  • Trim the trees and bushes

Trees, branches, and shrubs can obscure your home’s features and make it look dark and uninviting. It is important to keep your yard neat, raking any fallen branches or fruit and pulling up any weeds. Make sure that your lawn is green (or at least clean) and trimmed and your shrubs and flowers are well tended. Cut away anything covering the windows. Well-manicured trees and shrubs complement a healthy lawn.

  • Update the outside lighting

Exterior lighting can make your home look beautiful and highlight the features of your home at different times of day. Take into consideration the height of your home and the landscaping amenities that you want to emphasize. Lights also improve security by reducing dark spots near your house. Solar lights are perfect for sidewalks and paths since they don’t require you to run electrical cable and are easy to install. They also provide a pleasant ambiance that’s not too bright. Talk to your local hardware store rep about the different types of bulbs available today.

  • Plant Flowers

Hawaii is a land of flowers. It can be very welcoming for buyers to see colorful flowers near the front door. Try to have at least two matching planters at varying heights in the same corner to create a statement. Flowers along the sidewalk, in front of the house, inside flower boxes or hanging baskets, and raised garden beds provide a giant boost to your curb appeal.  Planting flowers is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to make a big impact on potential home buyers.

You can only make a first impression once. Make that first impression stand out! Impress potential buyers with the exterior look of your home so you can show off what’s the inside.

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