44-727 Hoonani Place, Kaneohe HI 96744

44-727 Hoonani Place - Living Room 2
Renovated Living Area

This Kaneohe home was a wonderful project we recently finished. We bought the house from the sellers who were too elderly to be saddled with all the required renovations. This home had been in the family for quite some time but was getting a bit worse for the wear — cracks were showing up in walls, floors weren’t level and the concrete surrounding the home was showing some significant spalling.

So we brought out an engineer, assessed the situation, came to an agreement with the sellers and got to work renovating the home. Not only did we address the property’s structural issues, but we completely remodeled the interior of the home. Check out the photos below — beautiful! New kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, paint… you name it.

Now, since we finished the renovation, the ocean views aren’t the only thing beautiful about this house – the living space matches the view.

After putting on the finishing touches, we handed it off to one of our favorite brokers and were quickly in escrow with the new happy homeowner.

By the way, we bought this property using creative financing with the seller. They agreed to take a small portion upfront (cash, of course) and delay the balance until after we completed our renovations and resale. Their willingness to work with us on the ‘agreement of sale’ allowed for a win-win situation for all parties.

If you need to sell your house on Oahu, ask us about the many different ways we can purchase your home “as is” for cash.

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