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Moving can be tough no matter how far you are going, whether across Honolulu or to the mainland, Japan or beyond. But moving a long distance can add additional stress to an already agitated situation.

To keep the process as easy and manageable as possible, we’ve put together some great tips for moving a long distance in HI.

1) Pack like a pro:

Tips For Moving Long Distance - packing

There are many clever tricks you can utilize to pack your things efficiently. If it makes sense in your situation, wrap up your clothes in dresser drawers. Don’t leave any loose space in your boxes. Pack items within each other. For example, put your silverware inside your Tupperware. Wrap linens and towels up in black trash bags, and use them to pad boxes. It might not be glamorous, but it’s a great way to be efficient, and efficiency is key when preparing for a big move.

The more you can get “double duty” out of your items, the better. No need to buy massive rolls of bubble tape when you have a bunch of towels, sheets, and pillows that can serve the same purpose (once you’ve protected them).

2) Downsize: 

There is no better time than now to purge your belongings for a fresh start. Even if the new house is similar in style, you are not going to want to bring it all with you — that’s just the reality of moving. If it isn’t something you absolutely love, now is the time to sell it or give it away (Craigslist yard sale, anyone?). Sellers will often move with all their possessions, only to find months later they are still surrounded by boxes they have never unpacked – don’t fall into that trap. If it’s not something you love or need, you probably aren’t going to miss it. Also, if furniture costs more to ship than it’s worth, you might want to consider leaving it behind. Better yet, sell it to help defray the cost of buying new furniture for your new home.

3) Use scrutiny when hiring movers:

Always keep sentimental items and valuables, such as family jewelry, with you if possible. For items of value that you won’t be moving on your own, have the items insured in case they become lost or damaged? Make sure to mark boxes with your name and address as many big moving companies will move several families’ items on one big truck.

And it goes without saying to check the references of all moving companies you’re considering hiring.

4) If possible, drive your car:

See the county (or state) and make it an adventure. Shipping a car can be expensive and can have ambiguous dates of arrival. Many shipping companies wait until they have many cars to move before getting your car loaded up and on the road. Being in a new city without transportation will get very frustrating, very fast.

For example, if you’re moving from Hawaii to Denver, you could ship your car to California and then start your road trip adventure.

5) Be prepared to buy some new things:

As with any move, there are always things you will inevitably need when moving into your new home. Think of a new dish drainer, silverware organizer, paper towel holder, and other similar items. Plan ahead and stash a little cash away for these purchases. You don’t want to add any additional stress to the move by worrying about buying the little things you will need to make your house a home.

6) Be patient and give it some time:

When you find yourself in a new town, it is more than just physically settling into your new house. You must settle in emotionally as well. It will take a couple of weeks to even begin to feel comfortable in your new town. Get to know the area, do some exploring, find some good restaurants, and maybe even make some new friends. Be patient and you will feel right at home in no time.

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