The Fastest Way To Sell an Unwanted House in Hawaii

Sell an Unwanted House in HawaiiFeeling stuck with a property in Hawaii? There is no need to keep holding on to a property you don’t want anymore. Learn more about the fastest and easiest ways to sell an unwanted house in Hawaii!

Selling an unwanted property can be a stressful process. Trying to find someone to buy your property for your asking price without having to jump through a bunch of hoops can be a truly daunting task. In today’s post, we’ll compare some of your options when selling a problem house in Hawaii so that you can choose the method that leaves you in the best place possible.

Work With A Professional Buyer

Without question, the fastest and easiest way to sell your house in Hawaii is by working with a professional buyer like Oahu Home Buyers. Working with a professional buyer will give you the peace of mind and clarity in knowing the property has actually sold. You won’t have to wait around for a buyer to come out of the blue or wonder what kind of offers you’ll get. You will know from the very beginning how much you’re selling your house for and when the closing date is.

When you choose to work with us, you essentially get to choose your closing date. This month? Next month? Two months? You tell us and we’ll work to make it happen. Everything will go through the local title company so that all the ducks are in a row. You won’t have to fix anything up or even pay for those closing costs – it’s on us.

Hire An Agent

Hiring an agent can be an excellent choice for many properties and situations. That said, when you list with an agent, there is no guarantee on if or when the house will sell, so if you’re ‘in a jam’ you need to consider this element of uncertainty. Sometimes the property will sell right away, but it can also take months. This can make it difficult to plan for the near future, especially if you have something else waiting on the sale.

In addition, you’ll have to come out of pocket at the beginning to get it ready for showing on the MLS. You will probably need to make some repairs, give it a professional cleaning and possibly clean up the yard. You will also need to keep paying the expenses for the house such as property taxes, homeowners insurance, monthly utility bills as well as the regular maintenance costs.

When selling your house in Hawaii, the faster you can sell it, the more cash you will be able to keep in your pocket overall since you won’t be covering those monthly expenses anymore. If the house does sell with a Hawaii agent, you will then need to pay your agent’s commission which will traditionally be about 6% of the final sale price. All of these costs, in addition to the time spent, can add up to thousands of dollars and simply isn’t worth it for some properties. You need to make the call as to where the line is drawn between the two options.

Sell The House Yourself

Selling your Hawaii house on your own can save you money on agent fees, but it can also take an extraordinary amount of time, not to mention be a major source of stress. You will still need to make repairs and get the property ready for showings and you will also need to do the work of the agent – soliciting offers, handling inquiries, showing the house, negotiating with buyers, coordinating the closing, etc. A FSBO can be a lot of work, and the final sale price will usually be lower than if you had hired an agent in the first place (unless you’re a professional marketer). For some people, this can work out, but for others, it can end up being a huge waste of time and money.

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