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Sell My House in Hawaii Probate

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, you may find yourself entering into the Hawaii probate system. There are different types of probate filings in Hawaii, both formal and informal, and the nature of any will left behind will largely determine how the entire process plays out.

Some heirs of the estate may choose a local Hawaii probate lawyer to handle the matter while others will try to go through it on their own.

Whichever you choose, just know that the probate system is there to effectively help you resolve matters of your loved one’s estate so that all the heirs can justly be given any proceeds due them and help put the estate matters to rest.

However, what if there’s real estate property in the estate, like a house or condo? After all, it’s not always money or jewels that are left behind – a house is often the biggest asset that must be dealt with.

Can you sell your house in Hawaii probate now or do you have to wait months — maybe even a year — for the probate case to settle? Sometimes you’d rather sell the house now, right?

Why Selling Your House in Hawaii Probate May Help

People sell their houses for many reasons. But probate is often at the top of the list. Why?

Well, for one, homes in probate have often been in the family for many years, maybe decades. This means a lot of emotional attachment. It’s where memories were built and cherished. Selling a house with this personal connection is often difficult, but may be the best way to also get some emotional closure.

Another very different reason is that houses in probate that have been in the family for generations often have a lot of expensive, deferred maintenance. They may need a new roof, new paint, updated electric wiring, upgraded kitchen and bathrooms, flooring and more. Many people inheriting a home in this condition usually just want to sell their house “as is” instead of having to manage a contractor to bring the house up to current standards. They also may not want to spend $50,000 or more to get this done — renovating houses in Hawaii is not cheap! Selling your house to someone else who will take over this project can be a big relief.

One more reason you may want to sell your house in Hawaii probate is that, if you already own your own home, keeping the inherited house from probate likely means becoming a landlord. Are you ready to deal with tenants? Are you willing to pay for continuous upkeep and maintenance from tenant move-ins and move-outs? Will the rents even pay enough to cover any existing mortgage, insurance and taxes

Many people decide that being a landlord just isn’t right for them. They’d rather sell the house for cash NOW and move on.

How to Proceed Selling Your Hawaii Probate House

If you’ve come to the decision that you’re better off selling your house for cash, then you still may not know how to proceed. Maybe you already know that the Hawaii probate process can take months to settle, maybe even a year before all the estate matters are handled.

But did you know that the house can often be pulled out of the probate process early on? It’s true. If all the parties have agreed to a purchase contract from a buyer, then the probate judge will often release the house from the probate file early. That means faster cash for the heirs, and the relief from knowing the biggest asset has been handled.

If you’d like to get a CASH “as is” offer for your property in Hawaii probate, then please visit our “Sell My House” page here.

We buy houses in Hawaii probate and we’d be happy to learn more about your property and hopefully help you and your family with the estate. If you sell your house to Oahu Home Buyers, then you get the benefits of selling your house “as is” (no repairs required) and you don’t have to pay any expensive agent fees. We can also close quickly, meaning faster cash for you and your family, so either click on one of the links above or fill out the form below to get started….


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