How To Avoid High Fees When Selling A Hawaii House

How to Avoid Agent Commissions When Selling a Hawaii HouseDo you want to sell a Hawaii property? Before you hire an agent or sign a listing agreement, take a bit of time to learn about a direct sale option and whether that may be a better way forward. For many sellers in the Hawaii area, it can be a more beneficial and simpler choice! Keep reading to learn how you can avoid agent commissions when selling your HI house!

If you are thinking about selling your Hawaii house, you should be prepared for the high commissions you will face if you choose to work with a typical agent. Commissions can eat away at 5-6% of your final sale price… this usually equates to tens of thousands of dollars. In our latest post, we will help you learn how you can avoid these types of commissions when selling your Hawaii area house!

The Process

Many home sellers believe that selling their house to a direct buyer equates to selling their home to pennies on the dollar, however, this simply isn’t the case. Yes, our offers are less then what you might get from a traditional buyer if you list your Hawaii property on the MLS, however, the amount of time and money you will save will often negate the difference.

To get started on your offer, we only need to know some basic property information. We will run a CMA, or comparative market analysis, to determine the value of your home (i.e. ‘look at comps’). We will make an appointment to view the house at a time that is the most convenient for you. After factoring in any repairs that might be needed, we will make you a fair and honest offer for your Hawaii house.

It is completely up to you if we move forward – as the owner, it’s always your decision. You can either choose to sell directly and privately to us or pursue a sale using different methods. Either way, you will gain valuable insight into the true value of your Hawaii property!

The Benefits

Not only will a direct sale save you a considerable about of time, but it might also save you a good amount of cash! You will not have to make repairs to the property or attend to any upgrades to keep it competitive with other similar properties currently on the market in your neighborhood. If you do list instead, you will likely want to make some repairs upfront before listing since home shoppers today prefer homes that are ‘move-in ready’. Then, you will also have to deal with any negotiated repairs in the contract period after the home inspection has been completed.

With a direct sale to a company like us, you will not need to do any cleaning, simply take what you wish to keep and we will handle the rest. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay in order to sell your house. We take care of all the details so you can keep more cash in your pocket.

Our goal is to keep everything SIMPLE.

A Direct Sale vs. A Listing

Listing a Hawaii house on the open market comes with zero guarantees. This can be frustrating if you are ready to move or are trying to net a certain amount for your home in a certain time period. You will need to be patient while you wait around for a buyer who may never show up. You might have to sell for less than you had planned on and you will be losing money each month by paying for things such as your monthly mortgage, any HOA or maintenance fees, utilities, property taxes, and homeowners insurance.

When you choose a direct sale, none of those factors come into play since we are the buyer. You will be able to sell quickly and privately without doing any repairs or cleaning, knowing exactly when the closing date will occur. Keep in mind that not all direct buyers are the same. Before you agree to a sale, make sure there are no hidden costs or additional hoops to jump through. We always use a local title and escrow company for our transactions to keep it all operating professionally.

It’s always our goal to keep it SIMPLE for you.

Are you ready to sell a Hawaii house? We can help you avoid agent commissions! Send us a message or give us a call today! (808) 333-3677