5 Signs it is Time to Downsize Your House in Hawaii

No matter how well you think you’ve got it planned out, life has a way of making something that once seemed perfect, into something that just doesn’t suit your needs anymore. The sentimental value that is associated with our homes certainly makes it difficult to close the door on something that has housed so many memories. Pursuing this kind of change can oftentimes feel impossible- even when it is the most practical and logical choice for you.

If you find yourself in this situation, it can be helpful to understand the three stages of the average homeownership cycle. Usually, when purchasing a home, the average person will begin with what we like to call a starter home. These homes are usually not what we consider our “forever home”. Families grow and circumstances change, and eventually, you’ll need to upgrade to something larger- this is considered the second stage of homeownership. The final stage is downsizing, usually taking place around retirement.

You might be wondering how you know if you’re making the right move, and that is totally understandable! Read on as we explore the five signs that it’s time for you to downsize your house in Hawaii. 

Available Funds

As mentioned earlier, the sentimental value that our homes hold will usually cloud our judgment when it comes to what’s best for us. If you’re struggling with bills, living paycheck to paycheck month after month, it’s likely time to downsize your house in Hawaii. However, just because you list your home, doesn’t mean that you are going to sell it right away and move on with your next chapter. When you go the traditional route of selling a home, oftentimes you just have to sit back and watch as your house sits on the market until you find a buyer, which then can result in a long and complicated closing process. This can be extremely discouraging- especially if you consider the monthly bills that won’t stop rolling in and the never-ending maintenance that comes with homeownership. By selling directly to local, professional investors like us here at Oahu Home Buyers, you can re-take control of your situation, and settle on an offer that we guarantee you’ll find fair. When you work with Oahu Home Buyers and our full-service in-house team of industry specialists, you’ll have all the details with complete transparency. 

Financial Strain

If life has thrown you some challenges that make it difficult to afford your mortgage, this is another sign the best choice for you is to downsize. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to want to keep their homes even in the circumstance that they are behind on their mortgage. This inevitably leads to foreclosure. If you’re in this situation, why not take control and save your credit? We take pride in what we do here at Oahu Home Buyers because we can help you avoid falling into foreclosure. We’ll provide you with a guaranteed closing date and an offer you find fair so that you can move on with your life, stress-free. If needed, we can also work with you to delay closing, just talk to us about making arrangements.


It’s not unusual for our homes to become too much for us to care for, or too large for us to move around in. There are tasks that come with homes that are too big, like dusting furniture you never use. If this sounds similar to your current situation, you might want to consider selling to local investors like us here at Oahu Home Buyers. We never charge commissions and there are no hidden fees, which will result in more money in your pocket compared to going down the traditional route of selling your home.

Increased Expenses

As time goes on and you gain more equity in your home, your tax bill can increase. On top of this, utilities increase as well. If your income stays the same, but you have these increased expenses, you may find yourself in a position where the best financial move you can make is to downsize your current living situation. As your home gets older, you’ll also need to keep up with maintenance and repairs, which in turn will only serve to drain your savings. By selling directly to professional home buyers, you can say goodbye to the unnecessary expenses that come with owning a home that no longer suits your needs- and you won’t have to worry about home inspections or commissions.

Current Market

It’s possible that you don’t quite feel ready to move on to the next stage of homeownership yet, but the idea of cashing in your equity could be enticing. When the market is hot, it’s a good idea to downsize your house in Hawaii. The professional home buyers here at Oahu Home Buyers will detail how much your home is worth and use that to decide on our offer. The reason we do this is that we want you to be able to make an informed decision when accepting our offer. It’s important to us that you find our offer fair so that you can be satisfied long after closing.

If you’re ready to downsize, give Oahu Home Buyers a call at (808) 333-3677.