The 5 Biggest Costs You Can Expect When Hiring a Real Estate Agent in Hawaii

Selling a home the traditional route is an overwhelming process, and home sellers tend to underestimate all that goes into it. It’s not uncommon for home sellers to have the same view about what the listing process should look like. This idea usually involves reaching out to a realtor for the vast experience they bring to the table. Unfortunately, however, the services of a real estate agent come with a hefty price tag that reaches far beyond the high commissions. So, if your property isn’t in peak condition, or if you’re in a hurry to sell, take a moment to seriously consider the profitability of the traditional listing method of home sales. Then, read on as we explore the five most considerable costs you can expect from hiring a real estate agent in Hawaii.


When hiring a real estate agent, be prepared for an open-ended period. During this, you’ll remain responsible for the holding costs or the monthly expenses that won’t stop coming until you sell. Each month that your house is tied up is another month where your profits are further diminished, and you’ll still be responsible for maintaining and repairing the property as natural wear and tear and any other damages take their toll. Although disappointing, things don’t always work out when you work with buyers who have to qualify for a mortgage. It’s also not uncommon for buyers to back out after inspections. As a result, you may have to relist and start all over again. Alternatively, you could work with the team here at Oahu Home buyers. We are professional home buyers with the power of cash and years of experience, providing you with a guaranteed closing date.

Prep and Repairs

When you make the choice to hire a real estate agent in Hawaii, if your home isn’t move-in ready, you should understand you’ll be responsible for the out-of-pocket expenditures to improve the curb appeal and bring buyers to the door. Otherwise, you can expect your listing to linger on the market. Most buyers seek homes they can move into immediately without having to put in additional time and money. However, if they do take interest in your home, they may throw an offensively low offer at you on the off chance they can profit significantly from doing the work themselves. This low offer can be extremely discouraging and stressful – especially when you consider the emotional investment we have in our homes. If you forego making the repairs, you may face an onslaught of contingencies or requests for credit to do the work using outrageous quotes. Alternatively, you can avoid the prep work and repairs by making the choice to sell directly to Oahu Home Buyers.


Among the marketing costs you can expect from hiring a real estate agent in Hawaii, you’ll have to also set money aside for pricey imagery from professional photographers and drone videographers, as this has become the industry standard. Your realtor will likely recommend this form of marketing and they’ll be right because prospective buyers simply scroll by listings with sub-par photography. You can put your wallet away and skip all your concerns about the cost of marketing when you sell directly to Oahu Home Buyers – we buy homes as is.


Professional stagers understand the science behind colors, blank space, and furniture arrangements creating a background upon which buyers can imagine themselves living in the space. In addition to the marketing plan, staging costs are another expense you can expect if you list your home the traditional way. Hiring an agent who utilizes this strategy can increase profits by up to 5%. You may also need to pay the expenses of storing your extra clutter and any decor that strongly reflects your interests or personality. In addition, they may require you to attain a storage unit for your larger furniture pieces, which can make rooms appear smaller. However, you can skip the hassles if you choose to sell directly to Oahu Home buyers. We look at the good, the bad, and the ugly when we buy homes and can see the potential in nearly any property.

Commissions and Closing

Commissions, broker fees, and the costs for closing can vary widely, possibly adding up to 10% of the home sale price to your expenses, and you can expect them all from hiring a real estate agent in Hawaii. In addition, it’s not uncommon for the sellers to pay buyers closing costs too. If this isn’t within your budget, you have the option to pay zero in commissions or closing costs when you sell directly to Oahu Home Buyers. At Oahu Home Buyers, there are never any hidden fees in our contracts, meaning our offer is precisely the amount you’ll receive at closing. 

Why pay the costs and deal with the stress you can expect from hiring a real estate agent in Hawaii? We have a passion for helping our neighbors. At Oahu Home Buyers, we’ll give you a quick, easy, and fair alternative that saves you time and money. We can offer the convenience and peace of mind that you’ll find priceless when you sell your home. You will have the numbers in your hands telling you how we calculated our offer to compare against what your home would sell for on the MLS. You can be confident you’ll feel good about the deal long after closing because, at Oahu Home Buyers, our goal is to help you make an educated decision about selling for the most profit. Call Oahu Home Buyers at (808) 333 -3677.