CHARITY PROGRAM – Oahu Home Buyers will donate up to $500 to for every property we purchase!

DonorsChoose is a wonderful charity program where teachers can request funds from the public to help support projects that provide the best education and learning environment possible for their students.


Who chooses the project? You do! When you sell your house to Oahu Home Buyers, YOU tell us which project to fund!

Just visit the link below to see all the local Hawaii projects from DonorsChoose and we’ll let you know when it’s been funded.

>>> Hawaii projects on <<<

So if you’ve thought of selling your house directly to us, “as is”, without having to pay any agent fees, closing costs or holding any open houses — all on the date of your choosing — you now get to help the local community as well. 🙂


6/9/17We funded Ms. Lowe’s project at Lanikai Elementary Public Charter School in Kailua! Thanks to a matching contribution, her students will now have new Coleman compasses and Garmin handheld GPS units to explore the worlds of geography, orienteering, and geocaching.

From Ms. Lowe:

Dear Michael Borger of Oahu Home Buyers,

I am so excited to see this project funded. Geocaching and orienteering is something I’ve wanted to implement for several years! Through this donation, I am now able to start this adventure with the kiddos! It is without a doubt in my mind that our students will enjoy the real life scavenger hunts and valuable lessons of learning to use a compass and electronic GPS will be unforgettable!

With gratitude,
Ms. Lowe

Students in Kailua are learning how to use their new GPS units!

11/2/17 – We’re playing catch-up here! This morning we funded the request of Ms. Milazzo at Manoa Elementary School to buy board games so her pre-school kids can continue to develop their social skills. Gotta help the little kiddies 🙂

From Ms. Milazzo:

Dear Michael Borger of Oahu Home Buyers,

I am so grateful to you for helping me to make this project a reality. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see an email that my project was fully funded! I can’t wait to get the Amazon box in my classroom and open it with my students. I know this will help them learn to share, talk to others, and build social skills that will lead to healthy relationships and friendships with others.

With gratitude,
Ms. Milazzo

Happy pre-school kids in Manoa with their new board games!

11/28/17 – Today we helped fund THREE different projects….

1) Mr. Heck’s science class at Kailua Intermediate School will now have their balance ball chairs to help focus.

Dear Michael Borger of Oahu Home Buyers,

Thank you so much for helping my students get these chairs. They have been asking for alternative seating and now they have it. This will be very helpful for them so that they will be able to move around and still be able to focus on the tasks in the classroom. Thank you so much!

With gratitude,
Mr. Heck

Middle school students in Kailua on their new balance ball chairs.

2) Mrs. Rivero’s class at Pearl Harbor Elementary now has a new suite of Microsoft Office to help special needs kids interact with modern technology.

Dear Michael Borger of Oahu Home Buyers,

Thank you very much for your kind donation of Microsoft Office for our Macbook Pro! I am so excited to begin to model use of this important technology. Students will use technology in a way they have never used it before. Once again, we are so grateful for your generous donation.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Rivero

3) Ms. Ednie’s students at Aliamanu Elementary School will soon have a new Apple TV to help the kids embrace new tech and showcase their work together to the entire class – congrats, kids!

Dear Michael Borger of Oahu Home Buyers,

Thank you so much for supporting our classroom. Having this Apple TV is going to help free up space, clean up our room, expand the area that we have for small groups, and help alleviate the mess of wires that overtake the front of the room. When we connected the Apple TV, the students were so excited to see both projectors up and running at the same time with different images. They love that I am not stuck in the front of the room and that they can see their own screens on the board! I can’t wait to see what else we can do! Thank you again for being so generous.

With gratitude,
Ms. Ednie


12/31/17 – Today we helped fund THREE more projects….

1) Ms. Chandler’s special needs class in Kaneone’s Kahaluu Elementary now gets a new batch of games, craft kits and cleaning supplies. Enjoy, kids!

Dear Michael Borger of Oahu Home Buyers,

Thank you so much for your kindness. Many of us in the classroom (there are nine adults) spend our own money to provide basic cleaning supplies and resources for our students. Your generosity will make a great difference in our classroom! Thank you!

May God bless you for your goodness!

With gratitude,
Ms. Chandler

2) Ms. Myers’ special education kindergarten class at Waimalu Elementary in Aiea needs a bit of a boost learning their alphabet, so we funded her request for a set of tactile letters and related supplies.

Dear Michael Borger of Oahu Home Buyers,

There are no word to express how thankful and blessed I am to have received your generous donations for my students. Being able to meet every learning style has been a challenge, but with your support and these resources, I can utilize these tools to meet my students unique needs and challenges. This will ultimately increase their self-esteem, achievement levels to meeting their goals, and minimize the gap between themselves and their peers.

With gratitude,
Ms. Myers

3) A new Sennheiser wireless microphone is headed toward Mr. Stanley’s middle school class at Mililani Middle School to help the students in the advanced media design, video production, and related classes.

Dear Michael Borger of Oahu Home Buyers,

THANK YOU so much for your generous donation in funding this project! Having this microphone equipment will be a huge help in taking my students video project to the next level and teaching them the skills that they need to learn to make professional grade film projects.

This is a great new year’s gift for me and I look forward to 2018.

With gratitude,
Mr. Stanley