5 Signs of a Bad Hawaii Real Estate Agent

5 Signs of a Bad Hawaii Real Estate Agent
Be careful who you hire…

Overwhelmingly, real estate agents perform their duties with acceptable, if not higher, levels of professionalism. However, it’s also not uncommon to hear stories of agents focusing too much on the dollar and not as much on the client’s true needs. Read on to discover five of the signs of a bad Hawaii real estate agent and what you can do to help avoid hiring one….


A fiduciary relationship in real estate includes a buyer or seller, referred to as the principal, in a signed contract with an agent. A licensed professional real estate agent has both a legal and moral obligation to hold your best interest as the primary concern of all actions. An agent has intimate knowledge of your financial and personal information. The temptation to leverage data for their betterment in a transaction exists (ex. higher commissions), such as revealing any personal or hidden details to the buyer, providing them with increased power at the negotiating table to get the sale. Sadly, some agents have a focus that is purely about money. If you find an agent putting their bottom line over yours, then that real estate agent is acting unethically and is breaking the law — most definitely a sign of a bad Hawaii real estate agent.

No Answer

Communication is essential to a successful sale or purchase, especially in real estate sales. Are your calls or questions going unanswered? Do your texts not get a reasonable reply? If so, then you can assume either the agent treats everyone this way or they value your concerns lower than that of other clients – neither of which is acceptable. If you’re selling a house, you’d have to wonder if they’re treating potential buyers with the same laziness. This lack of responsiveness is a serious warning sign of a bad Hawaii real estate agent, and you would be better off with someone else at the helm.  At Oahu Home Buyers, we keep in touch and are here for you all the way to closing! At Oahu Home Buyers, we always welcome all of your questions and calls because constant communication makes for a much smoother, efficient closing.


While showings can be intrusive and irritating, waiting for a buyer can be downright exhausting, especially as days turn into months on end. Are there excuses for why your listing isn’t getting any action, even when your agent has charged you exorbitant marketing fees for photographers and staging as a part of your contract? Are you getting any straight answers? You’re probably dealing with an agent plagued by disorganization or complete apathy about essential business matters. Not returning calls, failing to follow through on properly marketing your listing, or being downright unprofessional can be extremely costly and is a major sign of a bad Hawaii real estate agent.

Methods and Means

Your real estate agent shouldn’t leave you to feel as if you’re handling your real estate deal all by yourself when you’re paying a hefty sum for professional representation. It takes dedication, time, and expertise, and an expense account for a pro to coordinate everything it takes to sell what is most likely your most valuable asset — your home. Either the agent is irresponsible, lacks the training on how to properly market a home in Hawaii for sale in 2021, or doesn’t have the financial means to do their job correctly — yet another sign of a bad Hawaii real estate agent.


SOME agents are driven by greed and just after the commission (not the majority, to be clear). They don’t care about the client or if your needs are met and may present themselves as having specialized in the market of higher-end properties. They may even have properties of other agents showing in their ads to mislead sellers and get a listing. These real estate agents may also embellish the number of years they have been in the business, leading you to believe they have years more experience than they truly have – one more sign of a bad Hawaii real estate agent. They may also say that they have handled plenty of listings. It’s easy to check how many listings they currently have and what sites they are on and verify their background, just as you would when hiring any professional. Agents are no different – their body of work is out there for anyone willing to put in a bit of time to research.

Why not avoid learning these and other signs of a bad Hawaii real estate agent for yourself entirely?

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