How to Avoid Repairs When Selling Your House in Hawaii

Home repairs: Those two words have the ability to send shudders down the spines of homeowners, particularly when it is time to sell. Frequently, sellers list without knowing the depth of the repairs lurking below their roof, walls, and foundation surfaces. They spend countless restless nights tossing and turning in fear and anticipation of the inevitable inspection phase. These sellers may not have the bandwidth to make the repairs or the means to withstand the pressure of such a lengthy, convoluted process that home repairs can become.

Nevertheless, other options can help you sell your home without taking on all the mental toll or fees. If you have a home in need of repairs you need to sell, read on it as we examine how you could bypass repairs when selling your house in Hawaii.

Professional Inspection

A professional inspector may brief you about what repairs are necessary so that you can research the current market costs and move forward with completing the job. You could avoid making the repairs yourself when selling your house by building in an appropriate credit towards the buyers for the total estimated repair costs as a part of the sales contract. It is crucial to know where you stand to avoid getting blindsided by finding out your home’s status and dealing with outrageous estimates from buyers for repair credit at the negotiating table. On the other hand, suppose you’d like to avoid paying for the inspection altogether. By working with Oahu Home Buyers, you can drop the stress and put your wallet away. You’ll pay nothing out of pocket for us to inspect your home and make you an offer you agree is fair.

Cash Buyers

You could potentially avoid repairs by selling as-is to cash buyers, who don’t have to go through the loan approval process and have the ability to buy homes in disrepair. The concern with this method is that most buyers looking on the traditional market have saved money towards their downpayment, and are most likely looking for a home that is ready to move in immediately. Most buyers don’t have extra time to wait out the repair process or the budget to complete the project. Direct buyers like those at Oahu Home Buyers will offer a quick and easy solution, with ready cash to buy homes as-is.

Oahu Home Buyers

Selling directly to Oahu Home Buyers is a great option because you won’t have to worry about commission fees or hidden costs. Your direct buyer can also work with you to set your guaranteed closing date at your convenience. These are just a couple of reasons why many sellers sell their homes directly to Oahu Home Buyers. You’ll understand every number used to reach the offer because complete transparency is our policy at Oahu Home Buyers. We will give you all the details to show you how we reached the offer and you can go forward with making an informed decision. We are your neighbors, a part of your community- our goal is to ensure you feel good about the deal we make long after leaving the closing table with your cash in hand. So, talk to one of our investors today with no obligation to see how we can help you avoid repairs when selling your house in Hawaii. Call Oahu Home Buyers at (808) 333-3677.