YES – We’re Still Buying Houses in Hawaii During COVID-19!

Aloha – have you been wondering if you can still sell your house in Hawaii during the COVID-19 quarantine virus epidemic? The answer is YES! It may not be the easiest thing to do these days (more on how we can change that below), but the simple answer is that you’re still able to sell your real estate in Hawaii – house, townhouse, condo, duplex, land, commercial building, etc. — if you want or need to, despite the current virus situation.

Big picture – who knew this would happen so quickly and so severely? It’s been a burden on so many of us, but all we can do is all we can do, right? Stay home in quarantine, wash our hands, keep our distance, wear masks – everything to help out our fellow neighbors.

However, despite the different elements of assistance out there, that doesn’t mean every part of life itself just stops. We’re still expected to pay our mortgages, pay our association or maintenance dues, maintain our houses, fix our leaky roofs, keep our yards mowed, and everything else that comes with homeownership. But that’s hard if you’ve lost your job, been laid off, had your hours cut or any other loss of income. And relief checks, while nice, don’t pay the mortgage.

And what if your property is rented out and your tenants are in the same boat, lost their job, and the tenants stopped paying rent? Or worse, just decided to take advantage of the situation and stop paying even if they can afford to? Right now, you can’t evict them with the current rules in place, but you still have to pay the mortgage, insurance, and property taxes. Not exactly fair, is it?

With all of the above happening at once, selling your Hawaii house might make the most sense. Remove the albatross around your neck and let the stress be somebody else’s (did someone say the bank?). But….. can you even sell a house in Hawaii during the COVID-19 quarantine?

YES YOU CAN. Houses (and condos) are still being bought and sold in Hawaii…… with a catch. You see, selling a house in Hawaii the traditional way with an agent generally involves signing a listing agreement, cleaning it up, handling lots of repairs, preparing your house for showings, holding open houses, waiting for offers (that you can accept), and then hoping your buyer qualifies for his mortgage.

But this is the problem you face during the COVID-19 epidemic:
1) Realtors aren’t allowed to hold open houses because of social distancing. This means fewer buyers actually looking at your house for sale.
2) Banks are making it harder to qualify for a loan. This means fewer people who are able to actually buy your house.

So fewer people looking and fewer buyers qualifying……. that’s not a good combination if you need to sell your house, right?

But what if you could still sell your house in Hawaii without any of those problems?

Well, that’s where Oahu Home Buyers comes in to help. We offer the other way to sell your property during all the virus challenges going on around us. How? Because we actually buy houses in Hawaii. We don’t list houses……we buy them. Houses, condos, townhouses….you name it.

We are private, direct real estate buyers in Hawaii, and we are buying during the COVID-19 pandemic. No need for any open houses. No need to clean or spend money fixing anything up. And because we use cash, there’s no risk of qualifying for a loan. We’ll also be sure to wear masks and keep our distance! Every transaction will be SAFE, simple, and respectful.

So while you might need to sell but aren’t sure if it’s possible, know that we’re here for you. Times are hard…..we don’t want them to get worse if they don’t need to be. We’ll also help you find a new place to live if you need us to…..whatever it takes. Need to rent back for a few months? We can look at that, too.

You tell us what you need, and we’ll go to work making that happen. Don’t get further behind in your mortgage, don’t sit on a vacant property paying taxes and insurance, don’t hold onto a property if your tenants aren’t paying… to us. We have a few different ways to buy homes — we’ll put together some options for you and see what we’re able to work out.

Big picture…..this is a tough time and it may get worse, but maybe we can help so talk to us.

Above all, stay safe and take care of yourself, your family and your neighbors.

CALL 808-333-3367 today for your no-obligation offer.

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