We’re Buying Houses Across Oahu

Sometimes we’ll get a call asking us if we buy homes in a certain area of Oahu. In just about every case, the answer is a profound YES (we won’t buy your 600 ft shack in the middle of a hidden ag field – sorry). There’s so much variety of real estate on Oahu, but the market is very good just about everywhere. Demand is always high, whether it’s from within or from foreign markets like Canada and China. Basically, Hawaii real estate never goes out of style.

Right now we’re wrapping up a condo in the Waipuna building in Waikiki and will sell it early next month to our buyer currently in contract. We also just started renovation on a split home with rental income in Kaimuki near City Mill and Chaminade University. That one should be done in about a month and then it will hit the open market.

At the same time, we just closed this week on a nice townhouse in Hawaii Kai‘s Kalele Kai. I’m particularly excited about that one because we’re going to make that kitchen super beautiful šŸ™‚

Let’s see what else……. oh yeah. We’re in escrow on a short-sale house in Ewa Beach, another property in Hawaii Kai, and one in Makaha, and it looks like we’re picking up a cute little condo on Young Street right in the heart of Honolulu within the week.

And how could I forget? WeĀ just putĀ our renovated Cortebella renovated townhouse on the market TODAY! It’s a BEAUTY. We bought it from the homeowners before the bank could foreclose. It wasn’t the easiest process to deal with the lender and IRS, but our amazing short-sale negotiation team made it happen.

91-1981 Luahoana St Cortebella
Our latest project just hit the market in Ewa…

How are we able to buy so many houses in Oahu? HereĀ are a few reasons:

1) Of course, as the owner, I believe it’s because we offer a tremendous service that HELPS PEOPLE when they need it.

2) However, that’s not enough. Many people might advertise using the slogan “We Buy Houses”, but we actually DO IT. We don’t repackage the property for someone else…… WE ARE THE ACTUAL BUYER.

3) The above doesn’t happen without effective MARKETING to find the homeowners in need, and our PRIVATE LENDERS who wish to place their capital in our financially sound projects instead of risking it unnecessarily in the flaky market.

4) We’reĀ FLEXIBLE. We know there’s no cookie-cutter scenario when it comes to needing to sell your house. We’ve bought houses on Oahu using multiple methods, each of which helps everyone out the most. Maybe it’s an outright all-cash sale – done. Maybe it’s seller finance so you increase your profits – done. Or possibly it’s an agreement of sale where your credit score is helped along the way — been there.

If you think you may be in a situation where you need to sell your house, consider reaching out to us. If nothing else, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what your options are.

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