Stop Foreclosure Hawaii

Do you need to stop foreclosure Hawaii? Have you missed multiple mortgage payments? Is your bank coming down or have they already served you papers? Is there a foreclosure auction date scheduled for your Hawaii property? Are you feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to do?

Do you need true HELP TODAY?

The very FIRST thing you need to decide is whether you

If your goal is to save your house on Oahu from foreclosure, then you will either need to

  • Come up with the money to bring your loan current
  • Work out a forbearance or other form of loan modification with your lender AND PROVE ON PAPER that you will be able to financially make such payments

If you’re not able to show on paper that you can handle modified payments, meaning showing tax returns, bank account statements or W-2’s, then your bank may not be willing to entertain a loan modification. They want to be sure that you will be able to sustain such modified payments.

Stop Foreclosure Hawaii

Stop Foreclosure Hawaii – When Loan Modification Is Denied

Just a straight-up honest FYI – loan modification applications are often denied for one reason or another. It’s an unfortunate truth. If you don’t think you’ll be able to display an ability to pay — or if you just don’t want to keep your house at all — then you’ll want to sell your Oahu house for CASH.

As you likely know from visiting this site, we buy houses in Oahu, Hawaii. It is VERY COMMON that we buy houses from homeowners in foreclosure situations. In fact, this month alone we are buying THREE properties on Oahu from owners who need to avoid foreclosure – a townhouse in Pearl City, a condo in Honolulu and a single family house in Kaneohe.

In all three instances, Oahu Home Buyers is able to buy the house from the owner and help them avoid a foreclosure being attached to their name for the foreseeable future. This helps them protect their credit and puts cash in their pocket instead of the banks’.

Advantages of Working With Oahu Home Buyers

  • We can buy your Oahu house quickly (under 28 days), avoiding further debt and stopping foreclosure
  • We can buy your Oahu house “as is”, meaning current condition is OK – we’ll fix anything up ourselves
  • We can buy your Oahu house for CASH — no bank loan red tape to hold things up
  • We can negotiate with your bank or attorney for you — we work with a great local Hawaii title and escrow company to help facilitate the process
  • Perhaps most importantly, you’ll get to avoid foreclosure and move on with your life! 🙂

If you need to stop foreclosure Hawaii and want to schedule a free consultation with us, then either contact us here or call us at (808) 377-4379.

We’d love to learn how we can help you!

Stop Foreclosure Hawaii

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