5 Benefits of Selling Your House for Cash in Hawaii

5 Benefits of Selling Your House for Cash in Hawaii
Trade your Hawaii house for cash? Or freedom?

Selling your house in Hawaii, but don’t want to pay commissions or try to handle the listing yourself? Why not try selling it directly? It’s easier than you think and there are some significant benefits to consider. If you’ve never really explored working with a professional buyer like us, you may be surprised to learn why so many choose this option. Keep reading….

Professional buyers like Oahu Home Buyers provide a solution for homeowners with properties they wish to sell but just don’t fit the bill for a traditional listing or don’t want to try to sell it on their own (FSBO). Here are five benefits of selling your house for cash in Hawaii…

Traditional Listing Expenses

Skipping the commissions may be one of the most attractive benefits of selling your house for cash in Hawaii – it’s what home sellers often think of first when looking at other options. By selling directly to a professional Hawaii home buyer like Oahu Home Buyers (effective name, yes?), you save tens of thousands of dollars by forgoing the commissions and fees of a traditional real estate agent. And you don’t have to pay all of the typical marketing expenses along with the listing. These expenses often include professional photography, updating or renovating the property, and staging (itself usually costing a few thousand dollars at least). Because active home buyers searching for properties listed on the MLS quickly scroll through dozens of listings at a time, a professional agent focuses on top-quality internet marketing, which usually comes at a premium cost to sellers. If you don’t pony up for this, your listing can get lost in the MLS shuffle.

Quick Closings

Selling your house for cash in Hawaii can save you a lot of time vs a regular listing. A professional buyer like us here at Oahu Home Buyers will take the time to explain each step and how we reach the figures in the offers we present for your home. Because a direct buyer like us pays in cash (although we typically do offer multiple types of solutions beyond just a cash sale), typically, closing is within a matter of 2-3 weeks (but less us know if you need or prefer otherwise – we’re flexible). Being a direct buyer, we want to offer solutions to your problems and make it an easy transaction. We’ll handle everything for you from A to Z, start to finish. When you sell your Hawaii house (townhouse/condo/etc.) directly, you’re working with a professional, you gain the power of our team backing you up, from inspection to closing of escrow, and even cleaning up or removing anything you leave behind. Because we’re not actually moving into your home after the sale, we can close around your schedule, so there’s no need to rush your move. 

Uncertainty of Repair Costs

Unless your home is new, you can expect that the home will have some repair needs from general deferred maintenance over the years (or decades) or just making it look modern (still have those laminate counters?). The Hawaii climate can wear away at a house rather quickly if it’s not maintained. For many home sellers, the costs to fix and upgrade the home can be incredibly stressful – renovating a house in Hawaii isn’t cheap! Because a direct buyer like us is making an offer on your house ‘as is’, you can leave all your worries behind – we won’t ask you to fix a thing or even pick up a broom. Not only does a professional buyer like us at Oahu Home Buyers relieve you of these concerns, you’re free from the burden of the repairs you know about and even the ones you don’t! As direct buyers, we take on the risks of what may lie hidden behind the walls and nooks and crannies. Saving you potentially tens of thousands in unexpected repair expenses is a significant financial benefit of selling your house for cash in Hawaii directly to us.

Stress Free!

No showings – yay! Very often, a home seller’s primary motivating factor in selling their house for cash in Hawaii is to avoid the hassle and headache of public showings. Many people find the thought of having their home exposed to millions of people online to be quite invasive. Additionally, sellers are often uncomfortable with the idea of strangers inside the house or touching their belongings. Would you want the general public poking around your private bedroom and bathroom? Of course, not, but that’s what happens when you list your Hawaii home with an agent — naturally, potential home buyers want to see the whole house.

When you work with a professional buyer like us here at Oahu Home Buyers, there is no need to worry about keeping your home spotless at all times or rescheduling your life around buyers who simply must see the house today and examine every corner and inspect every cabinet drawer. No one will be calling at dinner or asking you to leave all weekend while your home is open for anyone curious to meander through.

Time is Money

One final benefit (at least for today’s post) of selling your house for cash in Hawaii is saving on monthly holding costs that can really pile up. A regular MLS listing doesn’t include a closing date when you sign a contract with a Hawaii real estate agent since your end buyer isn’t known yet. A cash sale to a direct buyer won’t leave your house sitting unsold on the market just because your house is in less than ideal condition, and you can’t afford to make the necessary repairs or upgrades to attract buyers (and compete against the homes for sale).

If you have had to relocate from Hawaii for work or personal issues, waiting for a buyer to make an acceptable offer may leave you carrying the financial burden for two homes at the same time – can you afford that and for how long? Hawaii mortgages aren’t cheap to maintain. You may also have to spend money and time to travel between the two properties – yikes. However, by choosing to sell your Hawaii property directly to a professional buyer like Oahu Home Buyers who will pay you in cash and offer a quick closing, there are no financing delays and your closing date is guaranteed. How does that sound?

Wondering which method of selling your house is best for you? At Oahu Home Buyers, our professional buyers will outline each option to help you determine which is best for your specific circumstances – a traditional listing, selling your house for cash in Hawaii directly to Oahu Home Buyers, or perhaps one of our creative structures like an owner-finance or lease option. Call Oahu Home Buyers at (808) 333-3677 or send us a message!