Explore Your Selling Options Before Signing a Listing Agreement in Hawaii

Explore Your Selling Options Before Signing a Listing Agreement in Hawaii

The journey from the initial decision to sell your home to the closing table can follow many different paths.

To choose the appropriate path for your home sale, you should explore all of your different selling options before signing an agent’s listing agreement in Hawaii for the best possible outcome. Let’s dive in…

FSBO (For Sale By Owner)

Often, home sellers in Hawaii will try the “for sale by owner” to save the potentially hefty real estate commissions before eventually signing a listing agreement in Hawaii. However, you should know upfront the potential pitfalls that might occur. Unfortunately, only approximately eleven percent (11%) of these owners are successful which equates to a great deal of time and money lost and some expensive lessons learned in the process.

Homebuyers in Hawaii are searching the top sites for homes, and if your property isn’t there you’re missing out on a large pool of buyers. One of the top issues for sellers on these sites is the low-quality digital images being presented — this often leads to internet home shoppers scrolling by for the next home which shows beautifully with professional photography.

Another challenge is setting a realistic listing price; too high or too low and the outcome is the same: not enough interest in your property. Finally, negotiating your home’s sale can be incredibly stressful. Sellers often want buyers to account for their decades of personal memories or items they’re willing to leave behind (but aren’t wanted by the buyers). It can be difficult to keep it all about business and remove the personal element, but that’s what’s required — buyers want a clean slate.

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Improving the appearance of your home and preparing for photos and repeated showings can be time-consuming and a hit to the wallet; however, agents must meet the highest standards for your listing to stand out among the competition (and there is always competition). While speed is not necessarily what you get when putting your Hawaii property on the MLS, time is still an essential factor to consider before signing a listing agreement in Hawaii.

A good agent can tell you the average number of days homes are currently sitting in your neighborhood so you can decide if you can afford any delays or having to reboot the process entirely if a buyer backs out. However, the payoff for having the luxury of time is earning the highest potential market value for your home (in most cases).

Professional Investor

Perhaps the thought of the general public (i.e. strangers) poking around your home or scanning the images of your property online makes you a bit uneasy, especially if your home is not in presentable condition. When you’re working with a professional Hawaii home investor like us, you can forget about all of the hassles of keeping everything spotless since we buy every property “as is”.

If you’re in a hurry for your proceeds from the sale, before signing a listing agreement with an agent in Hawaii, you should know that a professional investor can close on most properties in a matter of a week or two. It’s a clean, simple, fast process all handled by a local title and escrow company. Your closing date is guaranteed when you work with a professional investor who will make you a cash offer (or terms offer, if you like options) for your home as-is.

Consider calling Oahu Home Buyers before signing any agreement. Oahu Home Buyers has the best of all selling options rolled into one — cash out, sell on terms, equity protection program. We look forward to helping you get from Point A to Point B as fairly as possible. At Oahu Home Buyers, we’re always fair because we want to ensure you’ll feel good about the deal long after closing.

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