Sell Your House Quickly on Oahu if You Need Fast Cash

sell your house quickly for fast cash in Oahu Hawaii

As Oahu Home Buyers, we speak often with homeowners who, for one reason or another, need to sell their houses quickly. The potential reasons that a homeowner may need to sell fast include:

  • Avoiding foreclosure
  • Job or income loss
  • Inability to keep up with mortgage payments
  • Getting out of bankruptcy
  • Unexpected relocation from Oahu
  • Medical payment needs
  • Can’t afford required home repairs
  • Any other reason why a home owner just needs immediate cash

Of course, not everyone in Hawaii needs to sell their home fast. Sometimes, a standard 30-day or 45-day closing period is good enough. It really depends on what the homeowner needs – as problem solvers, we always consider the homeowner’s needs first and foremost.

But when the situation calls for us to purchase an Oahu home quickly, we can make it happen. We can sometimes purchase a home in as few as 10 days – maybe less! If you need to sell your house quickly, we may be just the answer for you!

You may be wondering how that’s possible when the average person in Hawaii buying a home needs at least 45 days to get a bank loan together. The reason? We don’t use bank loans to fund our home purchases – we use CASH. Selling your home for cash means being able to close when you need to, without the delays and red tape of a bank.

A quick closing likely means you need to have all your belongings in order and the house emptied (although we can help here as well, maybe even buying your furniture and other items), so be sure to give yourself sufficient time for these important tasks. If there’s junk you want to leave, that’s ok also – we’ll handle it. However, the faster you sell, the less you’ll owe on future mortgage payments, insurance, and taxes (in addition to any maintenance fees if you own a condo or townhouse). In the end, we’ll work with you so that you have the time you need to prepare for your move. Fast or long closing, it’s all OK  – you tell us what works best for you.

Remember, we consider ourselves to be Oahu homeowners’ problem solvers. And rest assured that all communication is completely confidential. We value your trust in us. Get started here with a cash offer or call us at 808-377-4379.

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