Sell My House for Cash on Oahu, Hawaii

Do you need to sell your house but don’t think your buyer will be able to get financing? Do you own a fixer upper on Oahu that needs a cash buyer?

Depending on the condition or age of your house, you may need to sell your house for cash if you ultimately want it sold. If there’s significant termite damage, problems with the foundation or roof, old knob and tube wiring or lots of unpermitted work, then a bank may decide not to give a potential buyer a mortgage. In these situations, you need to sell your house to a cash buyer if you want it sold.

The problem is we all know Hawaii real estate is an expensive market compared to the rest of America. With the median single family house price nearing $700,000 at the time of this writing for Oahu (Honolulu County), not many people can afford to buy houses in Hawaii for cash.

We Buy Houses on Oahu for CASH

Luckily for you, we buy houses on Oahu for CASH. In fact, we buy multiple houses at any given time — for cash. You see, we don’t get traditional bank mortgages when we buy houses from home owners. Not only does it involve a lot of red tape and take up to 45 days some times, but using bank loans can prevent us from buying houses that need work. So we don’t even go that route.

We use private investor capital (also called “private mortgage lenders”) to fund our home purchases. In other words, we borrow money from individual investors who wish to invest in Oahu real estate through our company. Because we work with individuals, and not banks, we’re able to buy a home very quickly and bypass all that red tape.

We specialize in fixer uppers, from homes that just need some upgrading to houses that have foundation, electric and termite problems. If you think no one would want to buy your house, think again because we may be interested!

The truth is, if you want to sell your house on Oahu for fast cash, then selling to an investor like us may be your best option. We’re always welcome to hear from home owners like yourself and learn more about your property and your desired outcome.