The Fastest Way to Sell a House in Hawaii if You Are Getting a Divorce

When going through a divorce, there are many decisions to be made. Understandably, the goal is to complete the process and bring your settlement to full closure as quickly as possible. This includes selling a shared house. The faster the sale is finalized, the faster you can each move forward. Read on as we discuss the fastest way to sell a house in Hawaii if you are getting a divorce.

Consider Your Options

If you would like to list independently, or for sale by the owner, you could avoid some of the stress that accompanies listing with an agent. However, there are some statistics that you should stop and consider before you continue this route. Most of these listings sell for around 26% less than the asking price. For a better outcome, you could list with a real estate agent, but then there are the high commissions to come off of your profits at the closing. On the other hand, selling directly to a local professional home buyer, like those at Oahu Home Buyers, is the fastest way to sell a house if you are in a predicament like getting a divorce. In doing this, you will also save money because we never charge commissions.

Current Market Value

Undoubtedly, you will need to consider the funds available for prep and repairs. Keep in mind how much additional stress you can handle, given your circumstances and the current condition of your property— realistically, homes in new or like new fare well on the MLS. Otherwise, your listing may remain on the market. Alternatively, you can sell as-is for cash to a professional home buyer, like those at Oahu Home Buyers, with nothing to worry about but packing. This option is easily the fastest way to sell and move on.


Unfortunately, when you list a home on the market, there is no guarantee of the speed at which your home will sell, concluding legal matters. In addition to this downright inconvenience, it can be costly in many ways for the listing to drag on, including possible tax implications. Should you list your home on the market independently, it is imperative that you at least consult a real estate tax specialist or attorney regarding capital gains taxes and the variance in profits that selling before or after the divorce can make. Oahu Home Buyers are direct buyers and ultimately the fastest way to sell a house in Hawaii. If you are getting a divorce, you’ll want to have a guaranteed date for your closing. We can set your closing date to be as soon as seven days from when you speak with us. Need a delay? Talk to us, and we can arrange to close on the date that works for you.

Educated Decision

Before you decide on a method to sell your house, you should be sure you understand the pros and cons, and potential profit for each so that you can really feel confident in your choice. Selling directly to Oahu Home Buyers not only is this the fastest way to sell a house in Hawaii, but we ensure you comprehend all of your options clearly. We will detail how much you would profit from each option, with complete transparency, to ensure you agree the offer is fair.

There is no doubt that selling directly to Oahu Home Buyers is the fastest, most convenient, and easy way to sell a house in Hawaii if you find yourself getting a divorce. Our seasoned professionals and the top-notch support team fully understand this is a difficult time and are here to help. Call Oahu Home Buyers at (808) 333-3677.