Rebuilding Hawaii Communities House by House

One of the real pleasures of being a residential home developer here in Oahu is knowing that every property we develop helps to rebuild Hawaii communities. We don’t sell widgets here at Oahu Home Buyers — we offer true solutions to Oahu homeowners in need. After renovations, we then bring the joy of home ownership to new buyers, increasing the value of entire neighborhoods.

Many of us know that the Oahu real estate market has been rebounding the past couple of years after the big plummet of the not-too-distant past. However, there are still many homeowners whose mortgage is underwater, are facing foreclosure, or just don’t have the available capital to attend to necessary renovations. We’ve all been driven by properties here on the island that may be abandoned, have a sinking roof, peeling paint, show excessive termite damage, etc.

One of the true pleasures of buying houses (or townhouses, condos, etc.) like these and renovating them, in addition to helping the seller see a brighter day, is knowing that we’re actually helping to renovate that entire neighborhood.

I really love buying a true fixer-upper house and turning it from the worst to the best house on the street — and bringing up the entire neighborhood!

Is There a House in Need on Your Street?

Does today’s blog post really hit home with you? Do you have a fixer-upper or abandoned house on YOUR street that you walk or drive by about every day? Do you cringe every time you go by it and wish someone would fix it up already? It’s frustrating when you take care of your own home’s appearance and your neighbor down the street abandons that same responsibility. It brings down your Oahu home’s value and it’s just emotionally frustrating.

Is there something you can do???

Well, we’d be happy to hear about it and reach out to the homeowner. As a business, of course, we’re always marketing for more properties to purchase. However, even with all the marketing we do, we can’t learn about every abandoned or fixer-upper house on Oahu — we could really use YOUR help!

If you can let us know about problem properties, we’ll reach out to the owner and see if they’d rather sell their house instead. Then we’d come in, renovate that fixer-upper, and bring in new, happy homeowners who will cherish their new home!

We also pay fees for this service (also called “bird dogs”) – you can read about our “bird dog” program here. If we end up purchasing the home, we’ll pay you at least $1000 for helping our marketing program.

However, maybe more important than that is that we remove that eyesore from your neighborhood.

Again, our goal is to rebuild Hawaii communities with every home we purchase. Yes, it’s a business, but it’s also a SERVICE…..

…..a SERVICE we’d like to bring to your Hawaii neighborhood. Please let me know how we can help.

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