4 Common Mistakes Home Sellers Often Make in Hawaii

Homeowners often look to save time or money when trying to sell their house, and understandably so. After all, selling your house in Hawaii can often be an expensive endeavor – we don’t live in a cheap real estate market! So whether you choose to list your house with a local real estate agent or try a For Sale By Owner (FSBO), you want to avoid some of the common mistakes home sellers make. Read on to discover the four most common mistakes home sellers often make in Hawaii.


It can be difficult to determine your price when listing a house for sale. If you price too high or too low, you could end up making a costly mistake. It’s something we see often in Hawaii. If you list too high, then your home could sit for weeks or months, all while costing you wasted mortgage payments, insurance, taxes, maintenance, etc. If you price it too low, then you may be leaving money on the table. In the past, sellers would sometimes set an above-market price to counter expected lower offers. However, today’s buyers are educated and if looking online, will just scroll by if the price is too high without giving it a second glance. While most (but not all) buyers are seeking move-in-ready properties, some buyers will readily buy lower-priced properties if they can get a steal of a deal or if they want to add their own finishing touches.

To help you make an informed decision on what is best for your individual circumstances when you work with a professional buyer like those of us here at Oahu Home Buyers, we’ll provide you with the details on how much you’ll profit from all of the selling options we can offer you. 


Failure to have a professional home inspection done is one more common mistake home sellers make in Hawaii. Unless you’re selling a new home, it’s usually worth taking the time to have a preinspection done so you’ll know what to expect in both time and expenses for any necessary repairs that buyers will request once the property is in contract (assume they’re going to get their own inspection). Otherwise, you may find yourself weeks into a contract with your buyer trying to qualify for a mortgage from a lender, only to have the sale fall apart when the property doesn’t pass the inspection.

By selling directly to us instead, you can leave any concerns about the inspection and making repairs behind since we buy houses in Hawaii as-is. 


Not preparing your property thoroughly is another mistake home sellers often make in Hawaii, which only delays the home’s sale in the long run. Let’s suppose you’re trying to sell your house on your own, what’s termed a FSBO (for sale by owner). In this case, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint and updating the flooring and/or appliances, and don’t forget the importance of lighting for professional digital images and during showings (don’t mix bulb colors like daylight and warm white – yuck).

Also, be sure to remove or hide any possessions of a personal nature — you’re not selling your family’s memories; buyers want to make their own. Get rid of any signs of pets (and smells!). You also want to make sure your closets are not overflowing with items jammed in there just so the common areas are open. Or, work with a professional buyer like those of us at Oahu Home Buyers and skip the prepping!


Regrettably, home sellers often make an additional mistake in Hawaii, allowing their emotions to take over during negotiations. Please don’t do this. As hard as it can be, you have to remember that this is a transaction. As much as possible, try to set aside your feelings and personal attachment. This can be difficult, for example, if an offer comes in lower than you want or potential buyers don’t appreciate some of the aspects of the home that you are proud of. Everyone is different, and people buy homes for different reasons.

Don’t make the mistakes home sellers often make in Hawaii; let the pros at Oahu Home Buyers help you make the best choice for your situation instead. Contact Oahu Home Buyers at (808) 333-3677.