How To Turn An Unused Hawaii House Into Cash Fast

Hawaii house for sale fixer upper

Do you own an unused or unwanted house in Hawaii? Learn how to turn your house into cash the fast and simple way! In our latest post, we will explore why more and more people are looking to a direct sale for their Hawaii area homes.

Finding The Right Buyer

If your house needs some repairs or is otherwise distressed, finding the right buyer for your Hawaii house may be difficult. – most buyers today want a home that’s “move-in ready”. However, when you work with a direct buyer like Oahu Home Buyers, you won’t have to deal with the all-too-common hassles of a traditional sale.

By selling your house directly, you’ll be able to sell your house, collect your cash and move on quickly! When you work with us, we will handle everything from the repairs to the paperwork. If you choose to sell to a private buyer on your own, you may need to tend to much of this yourself. If you aren’t well versed in the legal aspects of selling your home (and most people aren’t), it is best to work with a professional.

Getting An Offer

Not all homebuyers are the same! When you choose to work with Oahu Home Buyers, getting an offer is easy because we’re the buyer. We will make an appointment to view your home and then quickly do our homework in order to make you a direct offer quickly.

Whether you decide to sell to us or not is completely up to you. Either way, by reaching out to us, you will gain valuable insight into your property and the local market! Some homebuyers will hassle you into a sale – we don’t do that. We want to help you by providing information so you and your family can make the most informed decision possible about selling your house (or townhouse, condo, land, commercial, multi-family house, etc.).

The Closing Process

Closing with Oahu Home Buyers is a simple process. Once you have accepted our offer, we’ll work with you on your timeframe to close on the day that is the most convenient for you. We work with local title and escrow companies, so you will always know what is happening and when. With a direct sale, you won’t find yourself in the dark, not knowing when the house will sell or how much you will get for it. By knowing these things up front, you will be able to plan ahead, which ultimately provides peace of mind. Certainty is a wonderful thing when selling your house, wouldn’t you agree?

The Timeframe

With a direct sale to Oahu Home Buyers, things can happen quickly! Once you call us or send us a message telling us about your Hawaii house for sale, we’ll get to work right away on how we can help and make an offer. If you accept, then we open escrow with the title company and start working toward the closing day.

We can close fast because we have the funds available now. If you work with a buyer that is using financing, you will need to wait much longer for the sale to go through. You will also likely need an appraisal and an inspection done. This is not the case with us; we buy properties as is, giving you a quick closing.

Additional Benefits Of A Direct Sale

Selling directly will also mean that you won’t have to spend both time and money on repairs. We will never ask you to fix or upgrade a thing, we’ve bought some real doozies! In fact, you don’t even need to clean up – we’ll handle it. We take care of everything, making the process incredibly simple for you. It’s all about efficiency transparency.

By selling your property quickly, you will also be able to save thousands in insurance, property taxes and utility costs you would otherwise be paying. We will work on your timeframe, closing when you choose — sooner or later, depending on your situation (sometimes people need more time and plan in advance – that’s ok, too!). We will give you the time you need to pack up and find a new house. We know that selling can be stressful and we want to make it as easy as possible for you.

Are you ready to sell a Hawaii house? We can help! Send us a message or give us a call today! (808) 333-3677