How to Sell My House Privately on Oahu

If you want to sell your house on Oahu, you may not necessarily want your home sale to be in the public eye. You may want to keep your home sale hush-hush, preventing the general public and even your neighbors from knowing that you’re selling your house and moving. After all, the Oahu real estate market is healthy and continually in the public eye. That means that when a home goes up for sale, with the realtor sign posted out in the front yard, there’s usually some buzz that goes with it.

But you may not want that. What if you’re selling your house because you’re trying to avoid foreclosure? That’s a private matter and it’s understandable if you don’t want your neighbors knowing that you’ve hit hard times. Some people are more private than others — if that’s you, then you have a right to handle the sale of your house privately.

After all, there’s no rule in Hawaii that requires you to sell your house the conventional way, listing it with a local Oahu realtor, putting it on the MLS and holding a bunch of open houses where strangers march through your front door. There’s no law that requires you to enter into that process.

It really comes down what you need. We’ve worked with home sellers before who flat out didn’t want their neighbors getting into their business and wanted the whole process handled with the utmost discretion. That’s fine — we can certainly work in those conditions to buy your house.

The Process of Selling My House Privately

The process to sell your house privately is quite simple. Here are the basic steps:

1. You need to contact us first, of course! Tell us about your property and what your objective is.

2. We’ll research your home and arrange a site visit with you if we’re interested in proceeding.

3. We’ll present you with a no-obligation cash offer for your home.

4. If we agree, then we open up escrow with a local title and escrow company. It never goes on the public MLS. It’s our secret.

5. We have our closing with the title company and your house is sold!

If discretion is important to you and you don’t want your neighbors or the general public knowing about your personal financial situation, then we may be your best solution. We buy houses privately on Oahu from home sellers just like you. We’d love to learn how we can help.