How To Sell A House With Water Damage in Hawaii

Sell A House With Water Damage in HawaiiMany sellers face adversity when selling their home. There are all kinds of things that happen to a property to make a homeowner feel the house is unsellable. In our latest post, we will discuss how to manage and sell a house with water damage in Hawaii.

Let’s face it, water damage is a big deal. Water can wreak havoc on many aspects of your home. Repair costs can climb to unbelievable heights if the problem isn’t resolved right away. Luckily, there is still a market for these homes! If you want to sell a house in Hawaii with water damage, learn more about how to do it here!

Don’t Wait

Water can cause a ton of problems to your house. As soon as you know there is a problem, you should try to have it repaired right away. Mold can begin growing in only a few hours after exposure. As soon as possible, stop the flow of water to the area. Immediately begin cleaning, drying and disinfecting. These tips from FEMA will help you handle mold and mildew in your home. Let your insurance company know of the damage and hire a professional water damage restoration company right away. The longer you wait, the more damage is likely to occur.

Damages Can Be Extensive

In addition to causing mold, water can get into electrical systems, damage wood and can compromise the home’s overall structural integrity. Drywall can be destroyed as well as paneling and carpeting. Depending on the leak or flood, personal items may be lost as well. Water can be very destructive, but this still does not make your home unsellable. Keep an accurate record of all repairs and share this information with all prospective buyers.

In coastal states such as Hawaii, it’s not just water from rain or plumbing that can be a problem. Salt water from ocean spray can really do a number on your property. If you have a beachfront home or vacation rental, talk to a contractor or specialist about how to protect your home from the ocean’s elements. Salt can be one of the most destructive chemicals in certain situations, so make sure you’re protected.

Needless to say, coastal erosion is increasingly becoming a concern. Hawaii has extensive ongoing research on both the rates of erosion along its shorelines as well as management plans and policies to both help protect homeowners as well as provide the guidelines on whether to buy beachfront or oceanfront homes in the first place. Watching the ocean slowly creep up to your home’s foundation is not a pleasant experience. You may decide that buying further inland makes more sense in the age of climate change.

Be Upfront

From the very beginning, let your agent and prospective buyers know of the damage. Have an inspection done before listing, ensuring interested parties that the damage has been repaired. Have your claims backed up by having a report from a mold specialist, giving the property the green light. When buyers hear “water-damage” it can cause them to run the other way fast. By having the paperwork saying the house has been repaired, you will provide your buyers with the peace of mind they need to make an offer. Not disclosing damages can cost you big time. You don’t want something to be discovered down the road that could lead to financial repercussions or even a lawsuit, not to mention being unethical.

The Inspection

Be prepared for something to come up in the home inspection as a result of the water damage. Water often causes problems we don’t see right away. A home inspector may discover damages hidden below the surface. It is for this reason that many homeowners will choose to have an inspection done before the home is listed. By being proactive, repairs can be made before a buyer finds them for themselves.

Sell Direct

By selling your house directly to Oahu Home Buyers, you will be able to get rid of your unwanted house in Hawaii without any cost or hassle. We will evaluate your Hawaii house, estimate repair costs, and make you a fair and honest offer on the property as-is. You will be able to quickly and easily sell your water damaged house without having to make any repairs or wait around for a buyer. Many homeowners who are dealing with water damage opt to go this route. It can save time, money and help you avoid the hassle of trying to get your house ready for the MLS.

Are you ready to sell a Hawaii house? Even if there is water damage, we can help! Send us a message or give us a call today! (808) 333-3677