How To Sell A House When Lots of People Live There in Hawaii

How To Sell A House in Hawaii When Lots of People Live ThereDo you have a large multi-generation family or many people living in a house that you would like to sell? Do you want to sell your house quickly, without too much (or any) additional work? Today, learn how to sell a house in Hawaii with lots of occupants in our latest post! 

When publicly listing a house in Hawaii on the MLS, it can be difficult to deal with everything you need to handle in order to sell your house quickly if that’s what you want/need to do. More people living in the home means more stuff to put in boxes or organize, more messes to clean up, and more people to coordinate with when preparing for property showings. It can be super stressful getting everyone on the same page when trying to sell your house in Hawaii. Today, we offer some tips to make your home selling process much easier!

Have The House Professionally Cleaned

If you choose to list your house with many residents, we suggest having the property cleaned by a professional. This will make keeping the property clean much easier for everyone once you start with a thorough, clean slate. It will give you a great starting point and will set the standard of how the home should be kept by everyone going forward.

While you’re at it, you can also have the house professionally staged or stage it yourself with a few small tasteful items, being sure to avoid clutter or adding something too bold. The general idea in staging is to draw attention to the positives (like a newer kitchen with stainless appliances or a lanai with a view over Waikiki out to the Pacific Ocean) and steer attention away from the negatives (termite damage in the jalousie window frames or an old dingy shower).

Discard Old Items

When selling a house on the Hawaii MLS, it’s a good idea to have everyone get rid of their old and unwanted items. Go through old items like toys, clothes and books and anything else that has piled up over the years. Instead of putting them out in the weekly trash pickup, see if you can donate them to your local library or other similar place that can use them. You may not be emotionally ready to get rid of everything, but the more you can take care of now, the easier it will be for you to move later. It will also make a significant difference in your public property showings to new potential buyers.

Organize Everything

If you decide to list your house in Hawaii, people are inevitably going to open the drawers and peek in the closets – it may seem invasive (ok, it’s invasive), but trust us – it happens. You don’t want your family members to simply hide things away every time a potential buyer wants to see the house. Make sure to organize these tucked-away spaces so that people aren’t pushed away by all of the hidden clutter. You can buy drawer organizers, clean out cupboards and closets, and limit the number of items being kept in the bathrooms.

By organizing these spaces, it will be easier to keep your house clean as a whole. The idea is to balance your need for privacy with the buyer’s reasonable needs for understanding what it is they’re actually considering buying.

Consolidate The Property Showings

If you are working with a real estate agent in Hawaii to help sell your house, try to have them schedule showings on certain days. For example, if they are able to schedule the majority of showings on Wednesdays and Saturdays, your family will only have to worry about cleaning up on Tuesdays and Fridays. They won’t feel pressure to keep the house immaculate every day of the week… something that can be difficult for large families, especially with an anticipated move coming up in the near future.

Bringing together multiple buyers at one time can also have the added effect of generating interest (“buzz”) in your property.

Give Everyone a Job

When many people live in the same home, keeping it clean when trying to sell can be a never-ending task. While you can ask everyone to clean up after themselves, let’s face it – not everyone will be up to it. A better idea is to give everyone an assigned area to keep neat, clean and presentable.

For example, you can make sure the yard is always maintained and mowed, while your kids can be in charge of keeping the kitchen clean. Someone else can stay on top of the bathrooms, and everyone is responsible for their own bedrooms. Now you have a plan that everyone can follow.

Start Packing Now, Not Later

Instead of waiting until the sale is a week away from recording, you can pack up your non-necessary items in advance. This will reduce clutter, clean-up, and the likely emotional attachment when selling your house in Hawaii. It will also dramatically reduce that stress that otherwise creeps up as you near the final stage of the sale.

Keep in mind that if you are listing your house with a real estate agent in Hawaii, these items may be packed up for a while, so make sure they are safe and accessible if you need to get something important.

Consider Selling Your House Directly to Us

A direct sale of your house to Oahu Home Buyers won’t require any work from anyone in your household (or tenants if it’s an investment property). All you’ll need to do is pack up what you want to take with you, and we’ll handle the rest. We work with local moving companies so can help with the boxing up and moving – just tell us what you need.

There are no repairs (saving you $$$), required cleanings, public showings to manage, or waiting for your money until a future buyer shows up. You also won’t have to open up your doors to the general (and prying) public weekend after weekend. We pay cash for houses and can close quickly on your timeframe, making the selling process very easy, simple and efficient for you and your family.

Before you default to hiring an agent to help you sell a house with many people living there, find out what a direct sale will mean for you instead! For many people, selling a house without any repairs, cleanings or public exposure is a much better option than a traditional sale.

Our team can help you sell a house when you think it may be impossible! Contact us today to find out how simple it can be! (808) 333-3677