How To Manage The Inconveniences Of Selling Your House In Hawaii

Inconveniences Of Selling Your House in HawaiiDo you need to sell a Hawaii house? In our latest post, we offer guidance to help you avoid the most common inconveniences people run into when selling a house in Hawaii!

For some properties and scenarios, selling a house in Hawaii can seem stressful and overwhelming, not to mention rather expensive. When listing traditionally with a real estate agent in Hawaii, you will often need to make some repairs and prepare the house for proper showings to potential buyers. It can be months before a buyer is found, depending on the property. All the while, you are continuing to pay the holding costs (property taxes, insurance, utilities, etc.) while you wait for a buyer. Once you do find a buyer, the property usually will sit in escrow for another 45-60 days. When all is said and done, the seller will still have to come out of pocket for closing costs, fees, and agent commissions before the sale is finalized.

There are a few common complaints homeowners have when selling their homes traditionally by putting it on the open market in Hawaii.

  • The property didn’t close as quickly as needed
  • The property wasn’t able to sell for the amount expected (aka the price-drop game)
  • The selling process became much more expensive than originally planned (buyers asking for repairs or credits)

These frustrating circumstances can be avoided when selling your house directly to Oahu Home Buyers. Working with our team is simple, fast, and provides the closure that home sellers often need.

There are a number of great benefits you will receive with a direct sale of your Hawaii home including… 

Skip Making The Repairs

When you need to sell a house in Hawaii, repair costs can chip away at your proceeds (and bank account) faster than you may think. Simple cosmetic repairs can turn into something larger, and your budget for making repairs can go right out the door. This doesn’t include any repairs requested by your potential buyers after their inspection has been completed (which happens frequently).

When you decide to sell your Hawaii house directly to Oahu Home Buyers, you will be able to sell as-is, avoiding costs, repairs, hassles, monitoring contractors, and the wasted time of fixing up a house you to longer wish to own — there’s no need for that. We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay to sell your house. Instead, keep more in your pocket, using it toward your next property, paying bills, or whatever else you need.

Don’t Hire An Agent

Some agents are great; you won’t find us saying otherwise. For some properties, hiring an agent works. However, not all properties benefit from being sold in this manner. When a property needs work or needs to be sold quickly, hiring a Hawaii real estate agent can be a gamble. Many listing agreements will require you to pay an agent’s commission no matter when or how the house is sold. So even if you find the buyer yourself or if you have to settle for much less than you had been advised to list for, you will still have to pay the agents fees and commissions.

Choose Your Closing Date

When you sell your Hawaii house directly to Oahu Home Buyers, you won’t have to deal with the headaches and hassles homeowners face when selling the traditional way of putting your house on the public listing service. This includes being able to choose your own closing date. We can close on most properties in about 10 days, maybe less, whereas a typical listing will take months to officially close. The ability to plan ahead, close quickly, and collect proceeds right away helps homeowners enjoy a stress and cost-free way to sell.

End The Holding Costs

With a quick and fair sale to Oahu Home Buyers, you get to put the brakes on the expenses you’re incurring by continuing to own the property. Things like property taxes, homeowners insurance premiums, utilities, and maintenance will all be a thing of the past. Any investor will tell you that holding a property longer than you should will only cost you more money. If your house sits on the MLS for several months, these costs could be in the thousands. Keep more in your pocket by selling your house today instead of months down the road!

Forget The Marketing

Even with the best agent helping you, there will be aspects of marketing that fall on your shoulders. You’ll need to prepare the property, making sure it is ready for repeated showings, open houses, and photos. We’ve all seen the listings with cluttered looking photos – they don’t help the selling process one bit, so it’s important to take the time to clean up the house before anyone sees it. It’s also important to keep it clean, staged, and appealing to your potential buyers. If needed, you may want to purchase marketing above and beyond what your agent offers. Premium listings and the use of drone photography can be beneficial when showing your property in its best light – depending, of course, on the property.

Now when you sell your house directly to Oahu Home Buyers, you won’t have to deal with any of that. There isn’t any marketing to worry about, nor will you have to do anything to prepare the property for a sale since we’re the actual buyers. We make the process simple so you can quickly sell your Hawaii house and move on.

Let us help you avoid the common inconveniences of selling your house in Hawaii! Get in touch with us today! (808) 333-3677