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Foreclosure help in Hawaii is here if you need it. Don’t let your bank foreclose on your Hawaii home. Just because you may have fallen behind with your mortgage payments doesn’t mean you have to see a foreclosure all the way through to being kicked out of your home. While the house is still yours, you should use this time to assess your situation and decide on a course of action.

The one thing you should understand is that not all foreclosure situations are the same. Here in Hawaii, we have homeowners whose mortgages are underwater (owe more than the home is worth) and those with lots of equity and everything in between. Even the reasons why homeowners end up in these situations are very diverse:

  • Lost job or reduced income
  • Medical bills
  • Family health trouble
  • Death in the family
  • Can’t afford repairs
  • Difficult tenants
  • Many more….

These are happening everyday to people — good people — here on Oahu. So while we understand it can be incredibly stressful, please don’t feel bad if you’re in a foreclosure situation. The most important thing is that you assess your situation and make a decision about what you’re going to do going forward.

Recent Oahu Foreclosure Success Stories

In the past year alone, we’ve helped:

  • A family in Moanalua Gardens who had their income reduced and needed to sell their large house
  • A super nice gentlemen who decided to be with family on the mainland and sold his Salt Lake condo to us to stop foreclosure
  • A very friendly lady who needed to relocate and, to avoid foreclosure, sold us her luxury Ala Moana condo
  • A wonderful family in Kaneohe who got behind in payments and came to us for help — We ended up buying their house
  • And more…. will you be next?

Foreclosure Help in Hawaii – Your Options

You first need to understand if you are trying to keep your house or if you’ve decided that you’re better off selling. If you want to keep it, then you’ll likely need to discuss a loan modification with your lender(s). They’ll want a financial update to see if you can make the modified payments and, be warned, it can take a long time for them to process your loan modification application. Unfortunately, loan modifications don’t always provide the relief that people think they will. But if you want to keep your house, this may be your best bet.

However, if you’ve decide that you need to sell your home on Oahu to avoid foreclosure, then it’s better to act quickly than wait. Why? Well for starters, your bank may not be willing to wait. Also, the longer you wait without making payments, the more debt you incur from both the mortgage and attorney fees. So you actually come out financially ahead by selling now instead of later.

If your mortgage is underwater (owe more than it’s worth), then don’t despair. There are ways to still sell your house such as a short sale. If you have equity, then a direct fast cash sale is likely your best option.

If you decide to sell your house to us, you obviously won’t have to make any repairs or pay any agents (because we’re buyers, not agents). We can also close in under 20 days if you need to, depending on how fast your bank is preparing to foreclose.

We’ll go out of our way to make the process as efficient and stress-free as possible. We’re people just like you and we’ll treat you with complete compassion and understanding.

If you’d like to speak with us, then please call anytime: 808 377 4379¬†or fill out the form below. No hassle, no push – let’s just talk and see if we have the right solution for you.

Foreclosure Help in Hawaii – when you need it the most.


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