Case Study – Hawaii Probate and Foreclosure Rescue in Pearl City, Oahu

We Buy Houses Oahu - Pearl City Townhouse - Hawaii probate and foreclosure

Here’s another case study from Oahu Home Buyers. Earlier this year (2014) we had the opportunity to purchase a townhouse in the Hale Ola complex in Pearl City, Oahu. This property was listed on the MLS but wasn’t selling, and the owners were both facing foreclosure as well as the Hawaii probate process. Basically, time was of the essence and they needed a buyer NOW —>> Oahu Home Buyers to the rescue! We worked with the friendly listing agent to make sure we bought the house in time to satisfy the courts and the lenders. This townhouse was a fixer upper, but we bought it “as is” and still put some good cash in the home sellers’ pockets. 🙂 That’s our mission — buying houses in Hawaii from owners who need our assistance. Let’s have a look at some before and after photos…..

After we finished the renovations, we listed this property on the Oahu MLS with one of our favorite brokers and were happy to deliver this house to a new Oahu home buyer. As you can see, we take every house we buy on Oahu and treat it with the utmost care to create a beautifully finished home. That’s part of our message to both sellers who need to sell their house and local Oahu real estate agents — we’re to help if you need us. By purchasing Oahu homes quickly for cash “as is”, we’re often able to provide the #1 SOLUTION that many of Oahu’s homeowners and their realtors need. Whether you’re also in or trying to avoid the Hawaii probate process, need to stop a foreclosure or any other situation, we’re here to listen and to help!

Do You Also Need Us to Buy Your House?

There are still a lot of foreclosure and pre-foreclosure filings on Oahu. While the number has certainly dropped as of late, there are still many homeowners on Oahu with underwater mortgages or general distress situations who may be better off opting for a short sale or an outright cash sale of their home. Where the probate process is concerned, sometimes there’s much more relief just selling the home outright for a quick and easy cash transaction instead of keeping a home that needs work only to become a landlord dealing with tenants. We can help speed up the probate process where the house is concerned — ask us for more information. It doesn’t matter whether you have a townhouse in Pearl City, a condo in Honolulu or a single-family home in Kailua or Kaneohe or anywhere else on Oahu — when foreclosure, probate, divorce, job loss, bankruptcy, back taxes, or any other distressed situation start to take over life — it’s time for you to get a grasp and take control back.

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