Where Should We Buy Our Next Hawaii House?

We’ll surf near and far to find our next Hawaii house to buy!

Aloha, friends. As of this writing, we at Oahu Home Buyers currently have over TEN properties in various stages of acquisition and renovation. That’s a lot of houses! When we say ‘we buy houses‘, we mean it. Not every company in the industry can say that.

In fact, if you need to sell your house quickly or sell your house privately or stop foreclosure, you really need to make sure you’re working with a reputable company in Hawaii that has the real, tangible resources to complete an actual purchase of your home.

This is an industry that has unfortunately attracted a fair amount of fluff. The problem is….. fluff can’t buy your house. Fluff can’t help you avoid foreclosure. Fluff can’t put money in your pocket. Only real, cash buyers can do that. That’s us.

Right now, we’re casting a wide net and wondering where we are going to buy our next Hawaii house. Will it be another home in Ewa Beach? A single-family residence in Honolulu or another townhouse in Hawaii Kai? We just bought an oceanfront unit in the Kalele Kai. Maybe there’s someone else in the area that would like to sell their home quickly “as is” for cash.

Lately, we’ve been getting leads on a few properties in the neighboring Hawaiian Islands. A house in Kona here, a house in Haiku Maui there, and a cottage in Pahoa for good measure. Some deals with equity, some short sales – both ok!

Now we don’t buy every single house that comes our way — we do have to be diligent in what we purchase, of course. That’s why we ask quite a few questions when you fill out the form to get a cash offer for your Hawaii house. We need to understand the house and surrounding situation to make sure we’re creating win-win situations for all of us. We all like winning scenarios, right?! 🙂

So despite our company name, we DO buy homes in the neighboring Hawaiian Islands. So whether your home is on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, or the Big Island, contact us to learn more and get a cash offer for your home.

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