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We Buy Houses Oahu - Pearl City Townhouse

Case Study – Hawaii Probate and Foreclosure Rescue in Pearl City, Oahu

Here’s another case study from Oahu Home Buyers. Earlier this year (2014) we had the opportunity to purchase a townhouse in the Hale Ola complex in Pearl City, Oahu. This property was listed on the MLS but wasn’t selling, and the owners were both facing foreclosure as well as the Hawaii probate process. Basically, time was […]

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Inheriting a House with No Mortgage

Inherited a House With No Mortgage

Have you inherited a house with no mortgage? It goes without saying that inheriting a house with no mortgage is far better than inheriting a house with a mortgage, especially one that could make selling your house difficult. But first things first, the fact that you’re inheriting a house at all likely means that someone close you has […]

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