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Cash For Houses In Oahu – Is it right for you?

You’ve seen the signs at almost every street corner or off-ramp, “Cash for houses in .” Some of these are cartoonish signs and others might even be handwritten, nailed to a light pole. Some cash for houses signs makes claims they buy houses in any condition and for competitive rates and all cash. If you need or […]

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Prepare to Sell My House Quick In Oahu

There are many reasons you might want to sell your home quickly: relocations, financial hardships or even medical issues. It really doesn’t matter what the reason is for you, but understand that buyers may try to jump on your motivated seller status if you don’t position your property right. Here are the best preparations to selling your […]

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4 Vital Tips to Answer the Question “How Can I Sell My Home Fast in Oahu?

So you’re in a position where you need to sell your home quickly. Maybe it’s a divorce or a job layoff or that you just want to get the hassle over with as soon as possible. Whatever the reason, you need to sell fast. You can’t, of course, just sit and hope the perfect buyer strolls up […]

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Direct Sale a House vs. FSBO vs. An Agent – Oahu Home Buyers

There is more than one way to sell your house! So many people get wrapped up in the idea of listing, that they don’t explore all of the ways a home can be sold. Many people miss out on saving time and/or money by using the only solution they know how. There are many different […]

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Selling Your House: How To Stand Out In A Buyers Market in Oahu

Standing out in a buyers market can be a challenge when there is so much competition to be had. Are you thinking about selling your house in ? If so, we’ve come up with some great ways to help your home to stand out from the rest. No matter what the market is like, with the […]

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5 Things To Fix Before You List Your House in Oahu

Are you thinking about listing your house? If so, you will likely be making some fixes and upgrades to the home in order to get it listing-ready. But not all repairs are created equal. You don;t want to make expensive repairs that offer little to no return. In this blog, we have put together our list […]

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5 Signs of a Great Real Estate Agent in Hawaii

There are many real estate agents out there – there’s probably one in front of you in line at Starbucks right now. They all say they want to work for you and will do “whatever it takes!” But how do you know when you’ve found the right one? What should you look for in a real […]

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Make Sure You Do These 3 Things Before Selling Your House in Hawaii

  There are many moving parts when selling your house. In the early stages, getting the house ready for the sale is imperative to getting a wave of interested buyers walking through your front door. To give yourself the best chance at a fast and profitable sale, make sure you do these 3 things before selling […]

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Selling a House in Probate in Hawaii

Aloha – do you need to sell a house in probate in Hawaii? Then keep reading so you can learn how to navigate the process and put yourself in the best position going forward. Let’s define the word “probate” just so we’re clear on the topic for the rest of this post. Probate is the […]

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4 Ways to Market Your Property to Cash Buyers in Oahu

Cash buyers expedite the real estate sales process. There aren’t pending mortgage contingencies or potential qualification problems. Cash buyers are experienced buyers who don’t freak out at every little inspection turn. While a cash buyer may happen upon the “for sale sign” or Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listing, marketing specifically to cash buyers takes some […]

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